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Carrier Energy Experts

Great Dane – Your Carrier Energy Experts

Great Dane understands that home energy efficiency makes a big difference – not only to the environment, but also to the quality of peoples’ lives. That’s why we’re proud to be certified as Carrier Energy Experts.


Great Dane’s highly trained technicians have skills and knowledge that extend far beyond just heating and air conditioning. We understand what makes home heating and cooling systems work at their best – and what other household factors can affect that performance. Every day, we work with homeowners to identify challenges to home energy efficiency, creating plans to improve energy performance and save them thousands of dollars in annual costs.


What Carrier Energy Experts Do


Great Dane sells, installs, and services quality Carrier heating and cooling systems – but that’s just the beginning of what we do. Our expert technicians have received extensive training in all aspects of home heating, cooling, and energy usage extending far beyond furnaces and central air systems. We understand home air flow, energy usage, ventilation, insulation, electricity consumption and more. We also are trained in the use of sophisticated testing tools, and in the analysis of the data they provide.


We use this knowledge and these tools to conduct comprehensive home energy performance audits to determine just where and how energy is being wasted – whether through excess electricity or gas consumption, poor insulation, inefficient air distribution and other factors. The goal: To improve home energy efficiency, and save homeowners money.


The Energy Expert Difference


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling consume more than half of the typical home’s energy usage – and amount to more than half of home energy costs. As heating and cooling specialists, Great Dane technicians are uniquely qualified to assess heating and cooling deficiencies, as well as provide guidance in other aspects of energy efficiency. That can add up to big savings – of both money and energy.


Want your home to operate at peak energy efficiency? It’s time to contact Great Dane for a no-obligation home energy assessment.