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Home Energy Audit

Expert Home Energy Evaluation by Great Dane


How’s your home’s energy performance? What you don’t know can hurt you – when your energy bills come, every single month. Great Dane Heating and Air Conditioning can help you to identify your home’s energy efficiency weaknesses and come up with effective solutions.


Great Dane Heating and Air Conditioning are certified as Carrier Home Energy Experts. That means we’ve got the knowledge, training, and skill it takes to thoroughly assess your home’s energy usage. If your home is wasting energy, your Great Dane energy expert will tell you where, how, and what to do to make it right.



Great Dane Home Energy Evaluation


Your path to home energy efficiency begins with a comprehensive home energy audit. Your Great Dane Energy Expert will assess your home from top to bottom with the Carrier 360 Degree whole home energy audit, including a thorough six-step home assessment. Your home energy efficiency evaluation will include:

  • Heating system evaluation
  • Cooling system evaluation
  • Home air flow evaluation
  • Insulation assessment
  • Ventilation assessment
  • Home envelope assessment (doors, windows, roof)


During your home energy audit, we’ll test all of these areas and more, using  precise, state-of-the-art equipment including thermal imaging cameras, static pressure gauges, and blower door testing equipment. We’ll thoroughly analyze the results, and provide you with a complete report that will help you to improve the energy efficiency of your home.


Your Home Energy Audit: Pinpointing Problems, Highlighting Solutions


Your Great Dane Home Energy Experts don’t just list problems – they offer solutions designed to save you money without breaking your budget. After your audit is complete, we’ll provide you with detailed steps you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency – and to save money, improve your comfort level, and improve your home’s resale value.


Ready to take a big step towards big energy savings? Contact Great Dane to arrange your no-obligation home energy performance evaluation today.