5 Signs Your Furnace Could Use a Tune-Up

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Wondering if you could use a furnace tune-up? The odds are your system could benefit from a review by a technician. With a tune-up, an expert can make sure everything is working properly, nothing is damaged or risking breakage, and that your system is optimized for maximum efficiency. In brief, tune-ups avert costly breakdowns and guarantee energy efficiency.

We recommend a furnace tune-up once every fall, but here are some red flags to watch for the rest of the year:

  • Your home isn’t as well-heated, or air pressure from vents is weak. If you’re paying the bills and cranking the thermostat, then your home should be well heated. If it seems chillier than normal, your unit may need to be serviced. Alternatively, you could be losing heat somewhere along the ducts, or there may be a leak. Either way, a tune-up can ensure your home is the right temperature and that you aren’t burning a hole in your pocket.
  • The pilot light on your furnace turns on and off irregularly. The pilot light on a gas furnace is meant to serve as an indicator that it is actively burning and producing heat. A light that’s out may not be a large problem, but if the light is turning on and off by itself, there’s a good chance something is wrong. For safety reasons, call a professional to examine the matter further.
  • Your energy bills are increasing. If you’re not fiddling with the thermostat and your energy bills are rising dramatically, it could be a result of decreasing efficiency in your heating system. With a tune-up, a professional will ensure that your furnace is operating properly, locate and address leaks, and check ducts for obstructions.
  • Your furnace makes strange noises. A furnace will make noises while operating smoothly. However, you should listen for loud banging noises. If the furnace is especially loud, or you hear sharp noises from within, your best bet is to call a technician to investigate.
  • Your furnace is old. Like any machine, furnaces are more prone to issues as they age. The average lifespan of a furnace is 10 to 20 years, so if your furnace is over ten years old, we would recommend a furnace inspection. This will guarantee that your furnace is running efficiently and safely even as it ages.

Tune-ups are a smart investment to make sure your heating system runs smoothly and efficiently. With routine check-ups, you can avoid expensive damages and save on your heating bills. Call Great Dane HVAC to schedule a tune-up today!

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