Thank you for choosing Great Dane to take the best care of your system and your family!

Don’t you wish your pet came with the same warranty your new equipment does?

Annual maintenance and extended labor warranties can be quite costly, industry averages, extended labor warranty is $250.00, a heating tune up will cost $129.00, a cooling tune up will cost $129.00. All of this combined could cost upwards of $500 per year just to stay within warranty compliance.

Sign up now for $250 per year:

  • Labor Warranty - no labor charges while on the program
  • Warranty Guarantee - Great Dane guarantees your warranty even if your manufacturer does not
  • 2 Maintenance visits included per year
  • Buy 1, Get 1 1/2 off filters, all year - in show room pick up or delivery available
  • No Overtime Fees

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