Six Preventative A/C Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter

Sunlight breaks through the autumn leaves of the trees in the early days of winter.
The transition from summer to fall and winter can take a toll on your A/C unit. While you are preparing your heater for winter, don’t forget to take some preventative measures with your air conditioning unit. Whether it’s your home, business, or property, preventative A/C maintenance is essential if you want your systems to be up and running come next summer. Here are six preventative maintenance tips for fall and winter.

1.    Make Sure the Air Filters Are Cleaned 

Having clean air filters is important when you are using your A/C unit, but it is also important when you are not. Before you forget about your air conditioner for the winter, verify that you have clean air filters. This extra effort will ensure that it is ready to start up and run properly when hotter weather hits. It will also help prevent any more buildup of dust and debris while it is not in use.

2.    Clean Up Around Your Unit 

An important A/C maintenance tip simply involves making sure you clean the area around your unit. Even while it is not in use, you don’t want leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris to infiltrate your A/C unit. As a result, the debris can cause you some unnecessary additional clean up when summer comes back around. Save yourself some work and clean up the area around your unit when fall and winter begins.

3.    Cover It Up

A simple tip to prepare your A/C unit for the fall and winter is to cover it up. Covering up your unit helps not only keep out debris, but it also keeps out ice, rain, and snow. Leaving your air conditioner unit exposed, to withstand fall and winter ailments, leaves it less than ready for summer. Taking proper preventative maintenance measures and covering it up will help your unit last longer and have it up and running when needed.

4.    Clean It Off 

Before you forget about your air conditioner for the fall and winter, make sure to clean it off. It may not seem necessary, but cleaning off your unit before putting it to rest for winter is a key step to proper preventative measures. Once the weather officially turns cold, spray down, clean off, and dry your unit thoroughly to ensure proper storage all winter long.

5.    Check Your Thermostat

Checking your thermostat may seem tedious, but it is an important part is preventative A/C maintenance. Your thermostat should be calibrated at least once a year, preferably during the switch between summer and fall. This way your air conditioner isn’t working an unnecessary amount right before you put it to rest for the colder months. A correctly calibrated thermostat prevents your A/C unit from overworking and keeps your energy bill low.

6.    Call in The Professionals

An HVAC professional should perform A/C maintenance on your system at least twice a year. This inspection is meant to detect any potential problems that could affect your unit during the colder seasons. The professionals inspect your filters, electrical switches, belts, contacts, motors, safety switches, gas pressure, and refrigerant levels. Finding problems early on can save you big in the long run.
Performing proper A/C maintenance on your unit before fall and winter hits can save you a big headache come summer. Having your unit stop working in the heat of summer due to poor pre-fall and winter maintenance is no fun. For this reason, preventative A/C maintenance measures are important. To take proper care of your A/C unit this cold season, call the professionals at Great Dane Heating and Air. Our certified technicians will make sure that your unit runs smoothly, no matter what. Contact us at 866.488.DANE to schedule your A/C maintenance checkup.

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