Three Reasons a Central A/C Unit Might Be for You

High efficiency modern AC-heater unit on brick wall background.
A/C units are a lifesaver during warmer seasons but choosing between a central or window A/C unit can be a tough decision. Most homeowners will opt for central A/C units to have the ability to cool multiple rooms, while smaller homes such as apartments or condominiums might only need a window unit to cool the small space. Are you still stuck on which A/C unit is right for you? Keep reading to learn more specifically about why a central A/C unit might be appropriate for you.

Reason One: You Live in a Warm or Combination Climate

The hotter the summer or year-round temperature, the more consistent cool air needed to keep your house comfortable. Because a central A/C unit pushes cool air through vents the cool air circulates through every room in your house. In turn, it delivers consistent cool air to keep all parts of the house cool. Newer central A/C units come as combination units with furnaces, allowing one appliance to handle both heating and cooling your home as the seasons change.

Reason Two: You Have a Large Home

Many consider a central A/C unit to be more expensive. However, the ability to deliver cool air to multiple rooms at the same time is a major benefit for larger homes. Typically, a window unit air conditioning is not as powerful as a central unit. As a result, they can only cool the limited surrounding area where you place the unit. Moreover, a larger home would require 3-4 window units, which is not near as an efficient as a central air conditioning system.

Reason Three: You Have Allergies

Central A/C sends air through filtered ducts and into your home, which helps lower allergen exposure for allergy sufferers. Filtering air can also help lower humidity levels, which can decrease the possibility of mold growth. During seasons the A/C is in high use (such as the warmer months), you need to change the filter frequently. Otherwise, clogged filters can cause your A/C to overwork and drive up utility bills. You can wash most filters easily, or simply replace them. Thankfully, you can purchase replacement filter at your local hardware store.

Central A/C units are best for homeowners who want consistent temperatures through the entire house. Warm summer months can demand constant air conditioning to your living quarters cool, but choosing the best A/C for your size home is crucial for your wallet, too. Great Dane Heating & Air has several trained professionals ready to answer any questions you may have about choosing an A/C unit. Give us a call today at (866) 488-3263.

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