How To Save Money When Heating And Cooling Your Home

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The HVAC system is one of the key systems in your home. It hums along in the background, keeping you cool on summer days and warm on winter nights. When your HVAC system is working properly, you barely notice it. One thing we all notice, though, is our monthly utility bills. How do we balance comfort and conservation? There are actually some key things you can do to save money on your utility bills – even when your HVAC system is working properly.

Ways to Save Money When Heating Your Home

 When you want to save money while heating your home, you’ll want to pay attention to light and air! Pay attention to the light coming into your home from the sun. This is nature’s free heating system! Open the curtains, raise the blinds, and let the sun help your furnace keep things warm. Next, pay attention to extra air. If there is air leaking in under doors or around your windows, then your heated air is leaking out – along with your money! Check your weather-stripping and insulation. You want to spend money heating only your home. No one can afford to heat the whole neighborhood! Paying attention to these three things will help you control the temperature in your home to ensure your comfort without over-working your furnace.

Ways to Save Money When Cooling Your Home

When you want to save money when cooling your home, you’ll want to do some similar things in reverse. Instead of opening the curtains and raising the blinds, you’ll want to close them to keep things naturally cool. Things need to be airtight, so you don’t spend money on cool air leaking out of your house. Of course, it is also important to keep up on regular maintenance like changing your air filters. This ensures everything is functioning well. Don’t spend extra money compensating for an A/C system in need of attention.


One thing to remember is that the best way to keep your HVAC system performing well is off-season maintenance. The best time to work on your A/C is during the winter. The best time to work on your heater is actually during the summer. That way you can take care of small issues before they become big problems without any interruption to your overall HVAC system performance and needs. We have written previously about How A/C Unit Repairs Can Save You Money and the importance of Off-season Furnace Care. The new Customer Care Program from Great Dane HVAC can help you with off-season maintenance that keeps your HVAC System in top shape so that these money-saving tips can have a maximum impact on your utility bills.

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