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Written by on October 1, 2014 in Project Warmth with 0 Comments
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prowarmblog2prowarmblog1prowarmblog3Many of us were affected by the flooding that occurred on August 11th, 2014. Some of us more than others. The calls starting pouring in here at Great Dane. Hundreds of our customers, furnaces and hot water heaters had been submerged by flood waters.

On Thursday August 14th, field supervisor, Joe Feger, was dispatched to what started off as another call, another flooded basement. Just like many, the diagnostic showed that the furnace and hot water heater had been damaged beyond repair. The homeowners had already lost years of memories that were stored in the basement, now to find out that they would have to come up with the funds to have heat and hot water again. Funds they didn’t have. The homeowners were in tears at this point, explaining to Joe that their homeowners insurance did not cover any flood related issues. Joe had also learned that a motorcycle accident had happened a few years prior and surgeries for brain tumors left them both off on disability and their life savings had all gone to medical bills. Joe knew they needed a helping hand.

The next day, sales consultant, Dave Gladue, headed over to the customers home to assess the damage and give them options for a replacement. Dave had already talked with Joe and had an idea of their circumstance. After further discussion with the homeowners, Dave learned that financing was not an option. Their bank account had very little left and the customers were at the point where apples and eggs were all they could really afford in order to eat. In further discussion, Dave learned that Mr. S was a Vietnam veteran and Mrs. S had been a volunteer for the less fortunate. Neither of them had asked for any help, but we knew that they needed it.

A call was made to Josh Bigelow, owner of Great Dane Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. Josh was filled in on the situation and he agreed that this was a customer deserving of the Project Warmth funds that we have been saving for. Thanks to all of those that have donated to Project Warmth, we were able to donate a new furnace and hot water, alleviating some of the stress and misfortune for this very grateful couple.

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