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Written by on September 19, 2014 in Project Warmth with 0 Comments

great dane project warmth imageWe met Ms. S from a referral from one of our existing customers. Ms. S has had many physical, financial, and personal hardships over the last couple of years and most recently the floods. Ms. S is suffering from several ailments including Lupus, Degenerative Spine, Asthma, and severe Arthritis. In addition to her physical condition she has been assisting her elderly mom financially and with her day to day needs at a local assisted living center.

Ms. S has been struggling to make ends meet for the last couple of years. She had to put her mom into assisted living and is using a substantial portion of her monthly income to pay for her mom’s assisted living care. This leaves her without the resources to afford the bare necessities. This has caused her extreme financial hardship to the point where she cannot afford the medications and proper medical care that is needed for her own medical needs.

great dane project warmth imageMs. S is a very proud and independent woman that has never been one to ask for any help. In fact she is that person that will go out of her way to help others even though she is not financially or physically able to. In September of 2104, Great Dane provided Ms. S with a new furnace. She has commented that when she lands back on her feet that she would also like to be able to contribute to Project Warmth as her way to pay it forward.

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