Keeping Your Family Comfortable and Saving Money With Zone Control

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Imagine living in your own climate-controlled bubble where the temperature is exactly what you find most comfortable all year-round. Okay, so maybe that would be a little creepy, but we would all probably appreciate our homes to be as comfortable as possible for all our family members, even when their temperature preferences differ. One way to achieve this goal realistically is to install a zone control system.

Our professional team at Great Dane is educated in zone control systems and how to help Clinton Township homeowners achieve more comfortable climate control as well as save money this winter. Here’s a primer to do just that.

What Is Zone Control?

Zone control systems are a special heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) configuration that allow Michigan homeowners to adjust which rooms or zones of their houses are set at what temperatures. Each zone can also have its own schedule in terms of when the area is cooler or warmer, depending on occupancy.

One zone control system involves multiple thermostats installed in each room or zone. These thermostats are connected to the central HVAC system and control when specific dampers are opened and closed. Liken it to the olden days when an energy-conscious grandma might have gone around her house opening and shutting vents manually. Depending on your temperature and time preferences, this zone control system will keep certain parts of your home warmer and cooler at different times of the day and night.

A second common type of zone control system uses ductless units, which are installed in specific rooms. These ductless units can be connected together so that a single outdoor unit is coupled with multiple indoor units. Homeowners who choose this type of zone control system do not have to rely on air ducts to transport heated or cooled air around the home, which can save money. According to ENERGY STAR®, up to 30 percent of energy can be lost through the air duct network.

What Are the Benefits of Zone Control?

Homes that use a zone control system can increase the comfort of family members while saving energy. Zone control systems allow you to direct your heating and cooling energy to just the areas of the home you are currently occupying while minimizing energy usage in other areas that are unused.

For example, many more people are working from home today. A zone controlled HVAC system may allow you to warm up your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen right before you rise each day. While you are enjoying a cup of coffee and getting ready for your day, this part of your home is comfortable. After an hour or so, perhaps this area is programmed to a minimal heat setting while your home office warms up for the remainder of the work day. Once you are finished with your work, conditioned air is directed back to your living space.

In addition, you may have multiple family members who prefer different sleeping temperatures. For instance, infants and elderly may prefer warmer rooms while teenagers and young adults may prefer sleeping temperatures to be cooler. Regardless of your family members’ preferences, a zone control system allows you to please everyone most of the time.

The other main zone control benefit is energy savings. Since you will only be heating or cooling the rooms you use, you may reduce your family’s environmental impact as well as save money on your monthly utility bills.


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