Why You Need To Cover Your Air Conditioner In Winter

Fresh snow on top of a heat pump..

It is essential to maintain your air conditioner during the winter season so that it functions smoothly in summer when you need it. If you live in an environment where it invariably snows, you ought to think about covering your air conditioner during winter months. You don’t want outside elements to damage the air conditioning unit, so you need to take the right steps to protect it. Covering it will keep your air conditioner coils cleaner so that it can run more efficiently when you use it again.

Reasons for Covering Your Air Conditioner

Your outdoor air conditioner is subjected to falling dry leaves and debris which can get caught in its delicate fins. If that happens, your air conditioner won’t be able to release the heat properly. If snow is a yearly event in your area, you need to protect your air conditioning unit from falling snow. A little bit of snow is fine, but if there is a lot of snow in the forecast, it is essential to cover the unit before a thick layer accumulates on the air conditioner. It can easily damage the fan blades and the coil fins. Similarly, falling ice can be forceful if it hits the air conditioning unit and can undoubtedly damage the unit. Moreover, water dripping from trees can get into your air conditioner, and when the temperature drops, it can turn into ice and cause damage.

How to Cover Your Air Conditioner

Besides knowing that you need to cover your air conditioner in the winter months, you also need to know what kind of cover will work best. Don’t just pick up the first cover that you see; instead, take a moment to understand what works for your unit. For instance, don’t wrap it up in a plastic cover because plastic doesn’t breathe. A cheap plastic cover may seem like it is doing the job of keeping debris and snow away, but it could trap condensation or insects and result in rust or mold.

A good cover is made of a breathable material. If you are a DIY kind of person, you could also build a shed around your AC to shield it from snow and ice. You can check with your air conditioning company and figure out the best way to cover your unit during the winter months.

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