Breathe Again: How an Air Purification System Can Benefit Your Home

Air purifier in a white room centered in the middle.

Air purification systems are a useful way to help clean air and remove impurities. Harmful air particles, such as dust or bacteria, are often microscopic and go unseen. Air purifiers work to trap allergens and particles, making it easier to breathe. This article will highlight how air purifiers work and the benefits of including them in the home.

Understand the Role of Air Purifiers

The primary role of an air purifier is to remove contaminants and particles from the air. Often air purifiers can help remove pollen, dust, and mold from your home. Air purifiers cannot remove the source of odors or smoke. If these two issues exist in your home, try eliminating the source of the smoke, keep your windows open to improve air circulation, and utilize fans to disseminate the smell that is bothersome.

How Air Purifiers Function

There are several types of air purifiers, often also referred to as air cleaners. Most electric air purifiers clean the air by utilizing a filter within the machine that attracts and catches the contaminants. Air filters will use a paper or mesh screen, whereas electrostatic or ionizing purifiers use electrically charged panels or ions to trap particles like dust or mold.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

There are several benefits to utilizing an air purifier in your home. Air purifiers remove allergens and harmful microscopic particles from the air. Dust, mold, bacteria, and light secondhand smoke can all be trapped in an air purifier, making it easier to breathe and protecting your lungs. Dust allergies are common and often triggered by dust accumulation in the home. Asthma is a common condition that occurs when human airways become constricted. Unfortunately, dust or mold often exacerbate symptoms related to asthma. Allergy and asthma sufferers may benefit most from having an air purifier.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

There are several types of air purification systems available on the market, but not all are going to work at the same efficiency. Most models have different intensities and noise levels, so be sure to consider your priorities before deciding which type of air purifier you want to purchase. It’s important to remember that while air purifiers are great for removing air impurities, they are not meant to remove odors or gases from the environment.

Using an air purification system has a lot of benefit for clearing the air of pollutants. Air purifiers are especially helpful for those with respiratory allergies or asthma issues that impact breathing. If you have questions about utilizing an air purifier in your home, give our professionals a call today at (866) 488-3263 or visit us at our website– Great Dane Heating & Air.

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