How To Choose The Right Air Filters For Your Home

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Air filters enhance our indoor air quality and help us stay healthy. However, many people are confused when it comes to selecting the correct home air filters. It is not easy to tell which filter works best for your home environment and whether investing in an expensive product is worth it or not. It is probably best to consult with your HVAC contractor before choosing an air filter for your house. Regardless, it is worth your time to understand the factors involved in selecting an air filter so you can make an informed decision.

Filter Size

Filter size is an essential consideration. It is the easiest factor to determine. You can look at the label of your existing filter to figure out the proper measurements, or even measure it yourself. Most of the home air filters are 1” thick, but there are other width and height dimensions as well. Some systems require thicker filters, so you need to be aware before you go shopping.

Filter Efficiency

Filter efficiency is rated on a scale of 16, also known as a MERV rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. A MERV rating identifies for the user how well the filter is designed to hold contaminants. You need to understand how MERV rating works or consult a professional before choosing your home air filter.

The bottom line is that you need to find the right balance between a good MERV rating and the cost associated with it. The higher the MERV rating, the less the air may flow through your system, and your system may need to work harder. Therefore, your goal is to strike the right balance between air filtration level and energy efficiency.

A MERV rating of 6-8 is generally good. However, if your HVAC contractor recommends a higher MERV rating, then you should follow his advice. It depends on your needs and how secure your system is. For instance, families with allergy or respiratory issues may need an air filter with a higher MERV rating.

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