Improving Your Air Conditioning Circulation

Air conditioner blowing cold and warm air.
Good air conditioning circulation keeps your home feeling cool and fresh. While you should have the professionals clean and do maintenance once or twice a year, there are some ways that you can improve your homes air conditioning circulation. Here are some tips on how to improve your air conditioning circulation.

Change Your Air Conditioner Filter

Changing the filter in your air conditioner unit can really improve circulation. You can follow your manufacturer’s guidelines on when to change your air conditioner filter. If you leave a filter unchanged, it allows excess dirt and grime to build up. In turn, this reduces air flow and circulation. Moreover, by leaving the filter unchanged you also lower the quality of your indoor air.

Keep the Area Around the Unit Cleared

Unknown to most, barriers, bushes, and other landscaping placed too close to the air conditioner unit tends to put a strain on circulation. Try keeping shrubbery trimmed away from your air conditioner unit. This helps ensure that air flow is not restricted.

Make Sure Vents are Open and Cleared

Most of the time, air conditioning circulation can be improved easily. For example, make sure you open and clear all your vents. Check for vents blocked by furniture and other items, as this typically causes your air conditioner to work harder. It also results in higher electricity bills. No matter how many vents are opened or closed, the same amount of air is being pushed through the air ducts. Therefore, by blocking or closing off vents the pressure within the air ducts increases, causing system breakdowns and other damage.

Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser 

Build up like dirt, debris, twigs, lawn clippings, and other things end up getting stuck, clogging your air condenser. Likewise, a dirty air condenser results in poor air circulation. Cleaning out your air condenser twice a year helps improve air flow. When cleaning your air condenser, make sure to turn off power to your unit at the breaker box. Once you turn the power off, your next step is to clear out debris and hose down the unit.

Call in the Professionals

Contact the professionals to give your air conditioning unit a full inspection and tune up. Some DIY maintenance on your unit is needed. However, you need to call the professionals in every once in a while to conduct a thorough cleaning. They also detect any current problems that need to be fixed. At Great Dane Heating and Air Conditioning we provide professional air conditioning maintenance. Leave it to our professionals to improve your air conditioning circulation and keep your home cool all summer long.

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