Project Warmth 2019

installing the furnace.

On 11/17, we were called to the Eastpointe home of customer Mrs. Barbara XXXXXX because her furnace wasn’t working. We promptly diagnosed a compromised heat exchanger, forcing us to shut down her furnace due to the danger involved.

As is our practice, we left space heaters behind as a temporary solution, but the scenario unfortunately still left Mrs. XXXXXXX without permanent heat. This was particularly perilous for her as she is a homebound senior citizen living alone with only a once-a-week caregiver.

Because we learned Mrs. XXXXXX didn’t have the means to repair or replace her furnace, we wanted to lend a hand through our charity, Project Warmth. Thankfully we were able to replace her heat exchanger and get her heat back on in time for Thanksgiving. It is exactly for our neighbors like Mrs. XXXXX who may need a helping hand that we founded Project Warmth. Everyone can benefit from kindness, especially this time of year.

Steven D. Ford Sr.
Sales Manager

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