Signs Your A/C Unit is Leaking

Damage to the heating system in a private home. Water leaks from the heating system.
I think we can all agree that a leaking A/C unit in need of repair is a major hassle. Using an air conditioning unit to cool a space requires electricity and refrigerant to flow through the A/C unit, resulting in cooler air. Leaking A/C units are one of the most frequent issues with malfunctioning air conditioners, so we have put together key signs to look for if you suspect your A/C unit has a leak.

Warmer Air Flow

Warmer air blowing from registers is a potential sign that your A/C unit may be leaking refrigerant. Without refrigerant flowing through the air conditioner coils, there is limited cooling of temperature within in the appliance. In turn, the airflow will not be as cool. If you suspect your A/C might be leaking, then place your hand over the register a few times to test the air temperature.

Hissing or Gurgling Sounds

A/C unit coils can crack over time, allowing refrigerant to leak from the unit. When the unit cycles through and leakage is occurring, you can often hear a hissing sound. If a larger leak is present, a gurgling sound is more common. Be sure to listen near the unit and not near the register when trying to diagnose a leak.

Higher Electricity Bills

Your electric bills are a direct representation of the efforts your appliances have to put forth to keep your home running. A leaking A/C unit causes the entire appliance to have to work harder and therefore, uses more electricity. Even if you have an auto-pay system set up for paying your electric bill, it is a good idea to monitor your monthly costs. Summer months are prime time for high bills and leaks; the temperatures are hotter and running your A/C is necessary.

Follow Your Nose

Leaking refrigerant from an A/C unit can cause a distinct scent. However, because everyone’s sense of smell is different, the leak is not always detectable. Some describe the refrigerant odor as smelling sweet, similar to mowed grass. Others describe it as smelling sterile, more like rubbing alcohol. If you suspect that an odor is coming from the refrigerant, check the area surrounding your A/C unit for a leak in addition to checking for other signs.

Preventing refrigerant leaks will help key more money in your pocket, and your home sufficiently cooled during warmer months. If you suspect your A/C unit is leaking, give one of our professionals a call to troubleshoot. For your conditioning unit or HVAC related questions or service needs, contact Great Dane Heating & Air at (866) 488-3263.

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