Four Reasons your Home Should have a Standby Generator

Residential house natural gas backup generator. Choosing a location for house standby generator.
Storm season is upon the US, and the best way to prevent your home from experiencing any issues is by utilizing a standby generator. Power outages cut off electricity to your entire home, potentially causing food to go bad and inconveniencing day to day activities. Not sure if you should invest in a standby generator? Here are four reasons why you may want to provide a generator safety net.

1.    Power Outages are Inevitable

I think we can all agree that the power can go out at the most inconvenient times. According to Inside Energy, the annual number of power outages has risen since 2000 in the US. When your house goes through a blackout (another term for a power outage), your home is at risk for damage, especially during severe weather. Having a standby generator can help your house transition back to up and running to help prevent flooding, clogging, or electrical issues when power is down.

2.    Your Routine is Important

Consumers rely on energy for nearly all of their daily tasks. Lighting, refrigeration, and everyday use of electronics are all interrupted during a power outage. Long-term power outages can reduce productivity when electricity isn’t available. To keep your family happy, having a backup electricity source to take over during a blackout can help you save the day.

3.    Potential Savings: Time and Money

Backup generators can be expensive to purchase and install, but the peace of mind from preventing damage and loss in your home is priceless. Power outages can result in lost goods or expensive repairs. One of the most common expenses of a long-term power outage is food replacement. Once your home loses power, if there isn’t a backup source, the refrigerator loses the ability to keep cold. This can lead to a food safety hazard if refrigerated foods reach room temperature for more than two hours. Another example of an expensive consequence is flooding. When severe weather, such as heavy thunderstorms, cause the power to go out the sump pump preventing water in your basement can also quit. Having a backup generator can help prevent these types of hazards and expenses, leaving you money ahead in the long run.

4.    Provide a Safety Net

Having a peace of mind is the biggest benefit of owning a standby generator. You want to know your home is protected from losing power long-term. Unfortunately, blackouts are often unpredictable. Moreover, they cause your family a huge headache both during the blackout and when dealing with the aftermath. Providing your home with a backup energy source can help you focus on more important issues. Let a generator keep your house running, rather than stressing out about what to do if a power outage hits.

Standby generators are a worthwhile investment. When you live in an area that has severe weather frequently accompanied by power outages, a generator comes in handy. Providing a safety net for your home to run everyday appliances and prevent costly disasters is the best protection against blackouts. Great Dane Heating & Air has several trained professionals happy to help with your generator needs. Give us a call today at 866-488-3263.

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