Spring HVAC Checklist for Metro Detroit Homeowners

New roof on a residential home.

We know March usually has at least one last snowfall to keep us on our toes, but believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. Before we know it, we’ll be shutting off our furnaces and switching on our A/C. In other words, it’s almost time for annual spring cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system.

For the record, we recommend an HVAC check-up twice a year, once before cooling season and once before heating season. But given the time of year, we’re focusing on the check-up in the spring!

We’ve put together this checklist to help homeowners tackle all the basics for smooth HVAC operation. Pre-season maintenance is essential for optimal efficiency and avoiding breakdowns.

  • Clean any drainage on your units. Furnaces and air conditioning units both have drains to help get rid of condensation inside the unit. Algae and other substances may block the drain, which could then cause condensation to freeze inside the unit. You can pour a cup of bleach into the line from the inside and snake the line with a drain brush if necessary. Might want to do this one outside — the gunk inside can be very smelly and dirty.
  • Clean your air conditioner and heat pump. As HVAC units that are typically outdoors and exposed to the elements, these will need a cleaning every year. Be sure to brush or clean off vents, as clogged vents will block airflow and drag your efficiency.
  • Test your units. Turn on your units and see if they’re cooling or heating your home properly. For your A/C, you might want to wait until the weather is a little warmer, but don’t wait until July when you’ll need it most! Note any unusual noises or funny smells, as these are symptoms of a larger problem.
  • Swap filters. In reality, this is more of a year-round job, but now is a good a time to start as any. Change your air filter once a month to keep energy bills low and your system fully operational.
  • Check your A/C refrigerant. Your A/C unit needs a certain level of refrigerant for optimal performance. This is best done by a professional, who can help you identify any leaks and add refrigerant if necessary.
  • Schedule a check-up. Don’t be put off by the bill for a seasonal check-up. By having a professional look at your units, you can make sure everything is running at maximum efficiency, which can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of the season. Checkups are also a critical part of preventive maintenance, which is your best shot at avoiding costly repair bills.

By following this checklist, you can keep your cool all summer long with comfy temperatures and a low energy bill. Have any questions or concerns? Call Great Dane’s any time to talk to an experienced, licensed HVAC professional.

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