Spring Maintenance Checklist: Ensure a Worry-Free Season

spring maintenance checklist

Spring is a special season in Michigan. It taunts us with a warm day or two, then plummets back into 30-degree territory. Still, many of us opt for shorts and a t-shirt after March, shrugging off objectively cold weather as “just the wind.”

And more power to us! Here’s our message to Clinton Township residents—let your “worry-free” approach to spring extend all summer and schedule an air conditioner maintenance visit today. 

Preventative maintenance means your equipment will run more efficiently without dirty coils or poor circulation. Properly lubricated parts will last longer and are less likely to break down. Plus, your HVAC specialist will be able to catch issues early before they turn into pricy repairs. 

Your cooling equipment has been idling over the winter. Now, it needs critical cleaning and restoration, so you stay cool and comfy this year without any service interruptions. That’s why the US Department of Energy (DOE) recommends having a specialist perform maintenance on your air conditioning system yearly before summer begins. 

At Great Dane Heating & Cooling, we want to empower you with knowledge about your HVAC equipment. That way, you can make informed decisions and protect your investment. On that note, here are a few simple ways you can set up your air conditioner for success this spring: 

Get a fresh filter. 

Air filters catch unwanted airborne particles, improving indoor air quality and protecting your equipment. However, a clogged air filter can seriously mess up airflow and overwork the internal parts. Start summer on the right foot and get a new air filter. Remember to replace it monthly. 

Eliminate air leaks. 

Pesky air leaks are a major source of energy waste. Leaky window frames and door gaps are often to blame. You can eliminate cracks in your window frame by using caulk, sealing tape, plastic film, or insulated curtains. Close off the spaces under your doors by installing door sweeps or similar attachments. 

Give your outdoor condenser unit room to breathe.

The box-shaped condenser unit located outside your home houses the coils and discards the heat and humidity from your home. Be sure no sticks or debris are obstructing it, and clean off any dirt or leaves. Additionally, trim any greenery around it, leaving at least two feet of space. 

Once you’ve crossed these items off your list, contact your HVAC specialist. Here are some of the essential maintenance duties they will perform: 

Apply lubricant to all moving parts. 

Like an oil change for your car, this keeps your AC running at peak performance. It also protects from gear-grinding that can lead to breakdowns.

Inspect and clear the condensate drain. 

This is where your central air system disposes of water that it pulls from the air. Naturally, it can become a haven for mildew and mold. This can create blockages and negatively impact indoor air quality

Monitor refrigerant levels, check for leaks, and adjust if needed.

Refrigerant levels need to be within the desired range. Too much or too little can impair your air conditioner’s operating ability.

Perform electrical work. 

An intricate system of wiring keeps your AC running. Your specialist will monitor voltage levels, check for fraying, and make tweaks if need be. 

Program your thermostat. 

A misconfigured or improperly placed thermostat can use too much electricity or not provide enough cooling. Your specialist will make sure the “eyes and ears” of your AC system relays accurate information. 

Check on the blowers.

Your blower motor powers the fans. Sometimes, they can become damaged or dirty, which can lead to “patchy” cooling. Your specialist will inspect the blower and clean it if necessary. 

Check/scrub the evaporator and condenser coils. 

The evaporator and condenser coils circulate refrigerant, converting humidity into water and removing heat from the air. Leaks or excess dust can prevent these components from doing their job. Your specialist will inspect for issues and clean them if they are dirty. 

Get Your Spring Maintenance Out of the Way Today!

Let an HVAC expert from Great Dane Heating & Cooling help you prepare your air conditioner for summer. In addition to AC and heating, we offer full service for air ducts, water heaters, air purifiers, and more. Call our Clinton Township, MI, headquarters today at 586-790-2604, or request service online. 

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