How to Prevent Your A/C Unit from Getting Clogged

Close up of a residential air conditioning unit.

People rely on A/C units frequently, but few know anything about the necessary cleaning and maintenance needed to prevent clogging from occurring. A/C clogs can prevent your unit from cooling properly and also be expensive to repair. To prevent costly bills, here are a few tips for preventing clogs in your A/C unit.

Get to Know Your A/C Unit

The first rule of preventing expensive A/C repairs is to understand the main parts of the appliance and how it works. A/C units work by sucking in air that then passes over cooling coils, which then circulates the cooled air through a vent. In order for the cooling coils to chill, condensation occurs. The condensation creates water which accumulates in a drip pan at the bottom of your air conditioner and drains into an outgoing pipe or line away from the unit.

Routinely Check Air Filters

Air filters easily collect dust over time. While dust might seem harmless, accumulation of dust can actually clog your A/C filters and also infiltrate the unit to clog the evaporator coils. Dusting or wiping off your A/C vents and replacing the air filters at least once per month is an adequate method for preventing an A/C clog and a warm house.

Frequent Flushing

The drain line removing condensation from an A/C unit is another area in which clogs can occur. It is important to keep the drain lines clear, as replacement lines can be an expensive repair. If you worry about your lines clogging, you can flush them with warm water or a diluted vinegar and warm water mixture. Avoid using bleach, as this can erode the materials of the drain. By regularly flushing the A/C drain lines, you can help remove any smaller debris that starts to build up.

Hire a Professional

Yearly maintenance before each summer season can help keep your A/C unit in commission for longer and your house cooler. Trained professionals can determine if your A/C unit has accumulated debris and is at risk for clogging. Hiring yearly maintenance will cost you, but is nowhere near as expensive as increased energy bills from a malfunctioning A/C or repair bill in an emergency.

Ultimately, A/C units need to be clog-free in order to cool your home in hotter weather continually. If you suspect your A/C unit is clogged, give one of our professionals a call to troubleshoot. For your conditioning unit or HVAC related questions or service needs, contact Great Dane Heating & Air at (866) 488-3263.

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