How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

Female hand sliding a new air filter into a furnace.

Your furnace is crucial when it comes to heating your homes. As it ages, you must decide, as a homeowner, how many repairs you’re willing to pay for before it is time to replace it altogether. For example, as your furnace gets older, it works overtime to heat your home, which results in breakdowns that put a strain on your bank account.  However, there are several signs to look for to determine if your furnace just needs repair or replaced. We’ve compiled four easy signs that can help you to make an informed decision.

Your Energy Costs are High

Furnaces become less efficient as they age, and as a result, it raises your energy bill. Because aging furnaces are less efficient, they often run longer than normal in order to heat your home adequately. As a homeowner, one preventative measure you can take is to change the air filter every couple of months. This allows proper airflow to reach the surrounding areas. As an alternative, the US Department of Energy has several resources that can help you calculate how much money you could potentially save by replacing an older furnace if you’re tired of your rising energy bills.

Your Furnace is Approaching Its 20th Birthday

The recommended lifespan of a properly working furnace is 16-20 years. Therefore, it is important to plan for replacement every two decades at most. Moreover, the US Department of Energy endorses the 20-year replacement recommendation. In order to make your furnace last the full 20 years, make sure to get a seasonal maintenance tune-up by a professional.

Uneven Temperature Regulation

If you feel that you are constantly adjusting your thermostat between fluctuating temperatures, then your furnace might be to blame. Aging furnaces not only have to work harder to heat areas, but they can also shut off or run at a lower function for random periods of time. If you find that some rooms of your home are hot while others are cold, then call a repairman to check out your furnace situation. You may also want to consider a replacement as this is a sign your furnace is aging.

Your Furnace Repairs are Becoming More Frequent

Frequent malfunctions are an inconvenience of dealing with aging furnaces. If you have an aging furnace, then you’re likely facing expensive repair costs to keep patching it up instead of replacing altogether. Furthermore, if your furnace breaks down while you are away, your house can cool quickly. This is especially dangerous in the cold winter months, because pipes can burst at low temperatures.

Like all appliances, furnaces will wear out over time and need replacement. Because you are a homeowner, it’s imperative that you not wait too long to replace your furnace. In the end, you end up spending extra money for frequent repairs for an aging furnace.  If you have concerns about your furnace, contact Great Dane Heating & Air at 866-488-3263. We have trained professionals happy to answer your heating and cooling questions.

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